Data Science Conference: Lands of Loyal 2018

I’m just back from Scotland where – besides having some lovely time hanging out with friends – I attended the annual Lands of Loyal (LOL) Data Science conference in Alyth. The event is an informal get together for the Data Science & Business Intelligence graduates from the Dundee University. This time my talk was among those selected for the day: I decided to rework my last blog post on Personally Identifiable Data (and not!) to a 20-minute presentation and packed it with questions (some of which I cannot answer) in regard to our identity on the web.

We are data points

My presentation cover art

Below is a short recap of the talk by Mary Whitehorn:

“We are data points: identity on the web and beyond, was a discussion of personal identifiable information (PII) from data that most of us cannot help but expose (name, address, etc) to geospatial data broadcast by our devices which not only indicates where we are but where we aren’t. Legal protection of PII only goes so far in preventing identification: given sufficient non-PII data, it may well be possible to identify an individual. Certain data we can change with varying degrees of effort, but some, like biometric data, we cannot. This thought-provoking talk was a great start to the day.”

Check out the full blog post on the subject: We are data points: identity on the web post-Cambridge Analytica scandal.